In the early 90s Steve Netting was heavily involved in the Amiga Demo Scene; a musician in the UK demo group Slipstream. His music appeared on many Slipstream productions and was constructed using the 4 channel sound tracker programs of the era. Some of his tracker modules are available elsewhere on the internet and Steve has an entry on the Amiga Hall of Fame website.

Steve left the Amiga scene and took a break from music during the late 90s whilst attendeding a degree course in Computing at the University of the West of England, Bristol (UK). In 1999, encouraged by Mark (Kissed Chasing Aimee) he bought a Korg N1R rack mount synth and a cheap midi controller. This quickly grew into a small studio setup with the addition of a Yamaha SY85, Akai S2000, Alesis MMT-8 sequencer and numerous effects boxes.

Mark (KCA) and Steve initially started working on material under the name KCA. Due to the new direction of the band (industrial/electronica) and the intention to take the new material on the road, a new name and line-up was found. Caffeine Kill was born. Robin joined as lead vocalist, and Caffeine Kill’s first gig took place at Camden Underworld, supporting Sulpher in 2001.

Moon Foundation continued as a solo project through the above period, primarily as an outlet for Steve’s own ideas; a test ground for both prospective CK tracks and the exploration of other genres. Several tracks were commonly in the top 100 mp3.com charts, for example new age tracks ‘Goddess Chant’ and ‘As Above So Below’ plus synthpop and industrial titles ‘This World of Ours’ and ‘Is It You?’.

In 2002 Steve was made redundant. This led to several years of uncertainty and put all musical activities on hold. CK continued to gain momentum, replacing Robin with Jay (vocals) and also adding live guitarists. Due to Steve’s personal circumstances he felt he could no longer contribute to Caffeine Kill although he hoped to one day return. Moon Foundation was also put on hold with the majority of the studio sold over the following couple of years.

In 2004 Steve returned to music, shortly resurrecting Moon Foundation before becoming involved in other projects such as The Beauty of Grey. In 2010 Steve joined the UK Rammstein tribute ‘Rammlied‘ playing keys and 2012 saw the first official release of his solo electro material under the name ‘Coherer‘.

In 2012 two retrospective Moon Foundation albums were released, ‘The New Age’ covering the new age and experimental genres and ‘Electrospective’ containing the electronic/EBM/Synthpop material. ‘The New Age’ also included two new tracks indicating a new cinematic direction for the project.

In 2013 Steve continues to focus on Coherer whilst touring with Rammlied.

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